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Facebook Likes – Do they matter?

How many businesses do you know who brag about how many Facebook “Likes” their page has?  In most cases, this means NOTHING!

For openers, let’s take this outside of the realm of Facebook and just talk about marketing.  If your company printed and mailed 10,000 postcards that solicited some kind of response, you would expect to see this response in phone calls in, emails in or people actually going to your website as a result.  What if all 10,000 people just said “I like that postcard” and then just threw it away and did nothing with it?  Would you say that was a good result?

These days it is no different with Facebook.  Getting excited about “likes”, or having a campaign focused on getting people to “like” your post or pages is mostly meaningless.

So what’s important?

You business page number of likes means nothing if your fans are not engaging with you.

Here is a short list of things to look for that should help to give you more accurate metrics about how effective your “Facebooking” really is.

  1. Facebook Metrics About Reach

    If you enter the “Insights” portion of Facebook you can see how many your posts have reached by looking at the “Post Reach” tab.  This will give you an idea of what people are reading.   It may be good practice to then do more posts like the ones you have had that have gained the most reach.

  2. Facebook Metrics for User Engagement

    This is where the “like” may matter a bit.  Facebook has an ever changing algorithm to evaluate engagement.  It then uses likes, shares, etc to determine what appears in users news feeds.  Here is the capper. Even if you have lot’s of followers on Facebook, this does not mean they will all see your posts.  It used to work that way but then Facebook started selling advertising and changed the algorithm for this.  You can see your user engagement stats in under the “posts” tab.

  3. Negative Feedback

    As said earlier, it is important to monitor what people engage with as well as posts that are causing people to unfollow you.  Take a look at this from time to time as it will help you to form what you are saying based on the negative feedback.  But only change this if you are getting negative feedback at a high percentage.  If only 2% give negative then don’t worry about it.

  4. Video Feedback

    Facebook is pushing hard to compete with YouTube for Videos.  There are a whole slew of metrics that you can view about videos that you post on Facebook.  At first glance it may seem like you are getting a ton of views with your video.  Look deeper and you will find out what is really happening.  Facebook at the time of writing this counts a view even if it “autoplays” in someones timeline as they are scrolling by.  Better to look at the average time people spend watching the video.  This is also a good tip to find points in your video where you may be loosing viewer interest.

If all of the above is too confusing for you to manage yourself you can always contact us and we can help you.  Transload Marketing specializes in Social Media campaigns and has a full understanding of how to apply it to the Transload industry specifically.


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