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Solutions for the Transload Industry

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Marketing and Sales


One customer’s $9,000 investment in a Marketing Solution delivered

$3.5 million dollars in new business

4 Equals 1

We've combined the diverse talents of four individual companies under the umbrella of one, with the unique ability to offer Mulitmedia, Business Development and Sales Solutions specifically designed for the Transload Industry.

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We Get You

We know the business. Our marketing and sales specialist, Bill Elmore, is a veteran of three decades in the transportation, warehousing, and distribution business.

We combine that with the dynamic abilities of Russell Fisher, Steve Airola and Adam Daniels in cutting edge Digital Media, Video Production, Search Engine Optimization, and Marketing/Sales analysis to deliver from one company a solution for success powering your marketing and sales efforts in your Transload.

The Power of 1

Why outsource your marketing and sales needs to multiple companies? TMS is a single source solution and provides brand continuity. Combine that with the guarantee that we know the transloading business and you can expect superior results.

Transload Marketing Solutions


Website Design
Website Development
Email Templates
Video Production
Power Point Design
Logo Design


Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management
Search Engine Marketing
AdWords Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Lead Generation


Print Services
Business Cards
Apparel, Products, Labels


Customer Experience Solutions
Sales, Customer Service Training
Coaching, Business Development
Lead Generation
Growth Strategies
Marketing and Sales Analysis

Steve Airola

This guy is our creative genius. His stuff is gonna slap your mind and help you realize how much more your marketing media can do for you. His creative talents are mind blowing.

But it doesn’t stop there cause there just isn’t any limit to his creativity. Whether it’s a website, video, booklet, PowerPoint presentation, logo (the list is virtually endless) he can imagine it, create it, and take your
company’s brand to Mindslapping levels.

See that cloud of dust? That’s your competitors marketing media when
our genius is finished. Just to be clear, the man does not imitate—he creates.


Russ Fisher

You’ve heard of Francis Ford Coppola? Well Russ is our Francis Ford– our Media Creations specialist. His video production will knock your socks off. We’re talking award winning documentary and commercial film production.

Add to that a state of the art video production facility with cutting edge technology. This dude can shoot it up high or down low because he’s got all of the cool tools to do it. He’s also one of our marketing analysts.

Yep, that’s right. He can produce it and get you to the front of the line when customers are looking for you on the Web. Lights, Camera, Action!


Bill Elmore

We call him our Old Man of the Sea. Why? He’s been in the transload world for over three decades. You might even know him. His direction pushes our creative abilities to tell the story in industry speak. He’s got a few stories of his own–just don’t get him started. He is our Customer Experience Solution specialist. Everything your customer sees and hears tells a story.

Invite him through your door and he will help you analyze and identify how to tell a story that will drive your business to universal levels.


Adam Daniells

Our Digital Marketing Strategist is going to get you to the front of the line and keep you there.His process is built on two vital questions; Shouldn’t your customers be finding you and What has your website done for you lately?

His analytical approach to Search Engine Optimization and the tools he has at his disposal will create digital marketing solutions to fuel your online marketing to levels you haven’t imagined.

This guy creates amazing results and produces digital marketing strategies designed to convert, developed to view on any device, and tells customers they have arrived at the right place.

The TMS “A-B-C-D” Strategy



We start with a needs analysis and discovery. We want to understand what you need to accomplish, your position in the transload industry, and measure your efforts against your competitors. We add to this an evaluation of your current marketing strategy and budget, assessing your strengths and weaknesses to help you achieve your goals.



We build a strategy based on an assessment of your company’s current needs and goals; identifying how that will drive your ROI. We understand what you want; our mission is to give you what you need.



Creativity is the backbone of who we are. We take the information from the Analysis and Build stages and create a marketing and sales solution unique to your company. Based on your needs and budget we will focus on single or multiple source solutions.



All systems are go – we are ready to launch. We’ve listened, learned, analyzed, created, and now we deploy the strategy. It doesn’t stop after launch. We have the assets to help your transload business with continued success through ongoing analysis of your marketing and sales strategy. We’ll show you how to get customers through the door and keep them after you have found them.

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